Got a question about studio production for your next project? 


The Sandstorm team is made up of ‘technical creatives’ – creative people who have learned the technical skills of film production. In fact, many of our team have an unusually broad range of expertise and experience that gives them the ability to wear several hats. This is particularly true of our directors, all of whom have worked extensively in shooting and/or post-production roles and therefore have a thorough understanding of the technical side of the industry. You’ll find them approachable, solutions-oriented and passionate about creating great work.


Our in-house team of camera and sound technicians, gaffers, electricians, grips and unit coordinators work together day in, day out and this high degree of familiarity has helped to foster a very well oiled team. When you also factor in they’re using the same kit every day, equipment that they’ve been trained on and often maintain themselves, you can see why we’re able to work very quickly and efficiently on set, ensuring the drama only happens in front of the cameras.


In the world of production you can pretty much fake everything – except good sound recording. In fact, it’s well nigh impossible to fix a bad soundtrack even with the latest state of the art digital sound mixing equipment (such as our Dolby Approved sound suite). There’s simply no substitute for good, clear, crisp sound recorded on set without background noise, or planes overhead or the actor’s heartbeat or footsteps etc. We have a sound deadened studio with great acoustics but we still rely heavily on the mic-ing skills and technical smarts of our sound guys to give us clean signal take after take.


For over 10 years we have been investing in industry-leading kit – including the best digital cameras from ARRI, Sony, Canon and GoPro (amongst others). We currently offer both ARRI Alexa and Alexa Mini as standard. This is complemented by an extensive range of lighting options, a huge variety of microphones, grip equipment and other essentials for branded content production – such as portable Autocue. Not to mention the only Technodolly in the UK outside of Pinewood Studios. See our rate card for more details.

Because we own our equipment, our pricing model is different and you benefit directly from higher production values and a huge step up in terms of flexibility and lower response times.


From simple backdrops to 360 degree elevated sets, our in-house team will design and build you a set quickly and cost-effectively to meet your creative requirements. This is a huge benefit as it gives our clients the option of shooting without the creative compromises and logistical headaches that usually come with location shoots. Clever set design delivers not only on creativity, it also brings added flexibility and speed to the shooting schedule.


Our custom-built facilities house two tailored studio stages, each matching different shooting requirements. Edit, VFX and Grading suites and a Dolby approved surround sound mixing suite. We also have a purpose-built wardrobe and hair & make-up space, a meeting room with AV facilities, a green room, shower, kitchen and breakout areas – even a BBQ deck and sun terrace! All equipped with the highest quality equipment, lightning-fast internet connectivity, complimentary refreshments and more barista coffee than anyone should probably drink. Catering to order.

Our continued investment in facilities and kit to support our full production service has also created a unique resource that we extend to agencies, filmmakers and photographers at competitive rates.


We believe that sharing our knowledge and truly collaborating with clients is the best way to deliver the highest quality film and branded content. The Sandstorm Insight film series is proof of our commitment to working collaboratively, demystifying the production process and disseminating skills knowledge to our partners – it’s a win-win.