Fully scalable – you can bring everything yourself or allow Sandstorm to provide it all for you, or anything in between.



– from £500

  • ​1360ft2 / 126m2 
  • 44ft x 31ft x 10ft / 13.5m x 9.5m x 3.2m(h) 
  • Vehicle access 
  • 32A 3ph mains (included in rate) + 300A generator power (additional cost)
  • L shaped infinity cove (9x9m) 
  • Acoustically treated for dialogue
  • Air conditioned
  • Diffused white canopy over stage (can be removed)

The first studio we built at The Old Dairy in 2009 – endlessly configurable and versatile for small studio production. You name it, we shoot it here: vehicle exteriors and interiors, one, two and three walled room sets, live action with sync sound, Technodolly, multi-camera live studio, photography and both large and small scale product shoots of every description.


– from £300

  • 970ft2 / 90m2 
  • 30ft x 33ft x 13ft (h) / 9m x 10m x 4m (h)  
  • 63A single phase mains (included in the rate) + 375A generator power (additional cost)
  • Greenscreen/Bluescreen Infinity Cove 7m(w) x 4m(h) 
  • Water Resistant 
  • Fully Blackout 

The tough one, built to do everything we couldn’t do in Studio 1. We’ve specced this studio to handle the rough stuff – we do all kinds of special effects shooting here including pyro. It’s also beautifully equipped for shooting motion control, live action, smaller sets, stills photography – the space and height is a dream for all tabletop. If visuals are priority over sound on a small scale production, this is the stage for you.


– from £1000

  • 5600ft2 / 520 m2 
  • 85ft x 65ft x 33ft / 26m x 20m x 10m(h) 
  • 375A mains/generator (included in the rate) + additional 375A generator power available = total 750A power avilable on stage
  • Sound-deadened (not soundproof) w/excellent acoustics 
  • Double Decker Bus height vehicle access 
  • Water Resistant 

The big one, we opened this stage in August 2019. With seven-metre high double-decker access, this sound stage boasts a full over-head lighting gantry, hoists, cherry picker and scissor lift, a huge floor space and extraordinary head height. Take everything you can do in Studio 1 + 2, combine it and times it by two and soon you realise why this is the best production stage in the UK for the money.


We have a full set build facility on-site, ready to go, with a lot of pre-configured room setups too. From a six room set; built, painted and ready to shoot in just three days to huge greenscreen rigs or small single room sets. We’ve done most things here and are on-hand, without any hassle.


As well as an extensive props store and set building team on-site, we can provide art direction to suit your project and budget.


Sandstorm subsidise local accommodation for all large studio hires and full productions. We also provide a shuttlebus to keep travel to an absolute minimum and to make your production as stress free as possible. Shooting in the Cotswold has never been so appealing. 

Take the hassle out of your production and let us book this for you.  




  • ​Alexa Mini
  • ​Alexa 35
  • ​Alexa Mini LF
  • Phantom 2K + 4K
  • Alexa SXT
  • Alexa Classic
  • Blackmagic Ursa
  • Sony FX30
  • GoPro Hero 7+8
  • Canon 5DSR
  • Canon 5Diii


    • Cooke S4i 8 lens kit (12mm, 18mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 135mm)
    • Arri Master Prime lens set (T1.3 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm)
    • Arriflex Super Speed prime lens set (T1.3 35mm, 50mm, 85mm)
    • Cooke S4i 3 lens kit (see above for options)
    • Cooke Anamorphic/i prime lens set (32mm, 65mm macro, 135mm)
    • Arri Master Macro 100mm
    • Alura Studio Zoom lens 18-80mm T2.6
    • ArriFlex Zeiss Vintage set


    • Arri Skypanels
    • Arri Orbiters
    • Apurture 600D’s w/accessories
    • Astera Titans 
    • Astera Helios
    • 12K to 125W HMI/MSR
    • 12K to 150W tungsten fixtures
    • Stands, rigs and scaffolds
    • Broncolor Strobe Lighting
    • TourHazer and Smoke Machines
    • GrandMA lighting desk for DMX Control (on-site operator available)
    • Moonlight remote DMX
    • Full range of stands and rigging
    • Frames, diffusion, flags, drapes and rags


    A fully repeatable camera crane and all axis motion control rig in one. Amazing for creating either super smooth and complex motion control movements or repeatable movements with a distinctly human feel, unachievable with other systems. What’s more, well, we have the only two in the country and a team of experienced operators.


    • Multi-axis repeatable camera crane with motion control functionality.
    • Studio or Location operation 
    • Silent movement
    • Use like a crane or a motion control rig
    • Familiar controls allow your grip team to quickly integrate Technodolly into their workflow


    • TechnoDolly
    • ST50+ aka SuperTechnoCrane
    • TC10 – 10ft Mini Crane with repeatable head
    • Elemack ride-on dolly
    • Skater dolly
    • Easy rig
    • Ronford Baker Atlas 50 Head
    • O’Connor heads
    • Short & Tall Sticks
    • Ronin 2 w/Nodo inertia wheels
    • Tracks, crates and wedges


    • 7.1 Surround sound cinema mix facilities on-site
    • Voice-over facilities
    • Superb sound-devices kit

    • Radio mics and discrete in-ear
    • Boom mics


    • High-end AutoCue system available with operator
    • Follow focus setups including PRESTON MDR4, WCU-4 and traditional Arri FF-5
    • Lots of lovely lens filtration, matte boxes, camera accessories
    • Teradek wireless video
    • Vaxxis wireless video system w/ 7″ Director monitor
    • On-set monitoring
    • Ambient timecode system including digi-slate
    • Remote viewing system
    • Q Take / playback (normally requires a Sandstorm operator)
    • Gantry systems, scaffolds, hoists and winches
    • Greenscreen / Bluescreen drapes
    • High lift kit including scissor lifts, cherry pickers, telehandlers all on-site
    • Generators for safe, reliable power



    Director Club, our on-site members club caters beautiful food for our film shoots and offers a first-class barista service. You’d be hard pushed to find better quality food at another studio.  

    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus
    • Meat, Fish and vegan options
    • Allergies & intolerences catered for
    • Barista service
    • Indoor & outdoor Seating


    • Lounges
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Massage Therapy
    • Sauna
    • Showers
    • Licensed bar


    We have a large team on-site, ready to go, so before pricing up your previous crew plus their travel and hotels, speak to us. There may be a simpler solution – the added bonus, our team know the stages and the kit and each other. We’re also very happy to hybrid a crew from your own team and ours to ensure politics, creative and budget are met – book as little or as many of our team as you need.

    Full list of crew available in the Sandstorm team.

    • Director
    • Photographer
    • Director of photography
    • Assistant director
    • Producer
    • Production manager
    • Line producer
    • Production assistant
    • Camera operator
    • Focus puller
    • Hybrid self-shooter / editor (for BTS etc)
    • Gaffer
    • Spark / electrician
    • Lighting desk operator (with kit)
    • Audio technician / sound recordist
    • Video operator / Qtake op (with kit)
    • DIT
    • Art director
    • Props master
    • Set builder
    • Scenic painter
    • Make-up artist
    • Wardrobe lead and assistants
    • Studio assistant
    • Runner
    • Barista


    The post production team at Sandstorm has over 30 years of industry experience between them and bring that depth of knowledge, creativity and technical expertise to every project.

    Fully air conditioned, custom-built rooms that are also sound-treated with all the mod cons. Attended edit prices include food and drink from the superb Director Club.


    The post production team at Sandstorm has over 30 years of industry experience between them and bring that depth of knowledge, creativity and technical expertise to every project.

    • Grading suite with custom build desk and fully air conditioned
    • Open plan edit suite
    • VFX, 3D, online in one room
    • Dolby approved cinema sound mixing suite
    • Dedicated voice-over booth
    • Video assist and DIT
    • VFX supervision
    • Free to use FTP / file delivery system and asset management system