Article first published by Little Black Book in July 2018.

Our Creative Director; Jason Dollery draws on his previous experience
client-side to put into context how important this subject is to all parties involved, from film-makers and creatives, to marketing and communication professionals.

The reality of our industry is if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail. As cliché as this statement may be, it is 100% accurate… one of the most difficult parts of my job is to educate and guide professionals who have a minimum amount of time in their schedule, back to the basics.

For many, they see this approach as a step backward… ironically missing the point that if they don’t step back they will never move forward. This is because the creative and production industry has dramatically shifted… lower budgets and tighter deadlines have stripped away the bulk that once provided a buffer for mistakes. If today’s leading marketers want premium and performance optimised content, cheaper and quicker than ever before, then they need to understand the new level of accountability they have acquired.

With this in mind, our latest Insight film explains the importance and role of the storyboard. With more and more brands bypassing the creative teams it’s imperative to understand this fundamental milestone and how it affects the production process.
Director Peter Morrell and director of photography Matt Wicker take you through the ‘comic book for creatives’ AKA the storyboard, in our latest Insight film.

Written by Jason Dollery, Creative Director at Sandstorm for Little Black Book’s influencer series.

Jason joined Sandstorm in 2015 after a decade working client-side building and supporting global brands, he now uses his unqiue dual-sided insight to enhance our client’s TV commercials and branded content campaigns.


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