The team unanimously felt researching (drinking and eating) their way through the award-winning Ramsbury estate distillery, brewery, and smokehouse was a crucial step in creating a series of brand films and photography that puts the Ramsbury brand on the global stage… it also resulted in the creation Ramsbury Storm ale.

A “mini Pinewood’ with 3 shooting stages and full post
production facilities including a Dolby Approved audio
suite. And barista coffee.

We’re surrounded by a wealth of fantastic exterior and
interior locations, run a small fleet of fully equipped
location vans and our crews travel worldwide.

From creative concept and casting
to wardrobe and set design

Lighting, photography and colour grading to
deliver on-brand visuals

Our complete production offering results in some of the most efficient,
high-end and affordable campaigns on television, cinema and digital.


Take a sneak peak behind the scenes of the
Ramsbury brand photography shoot.