Sandstorm was formed in the year 2000 as a visual effects focused production company and to this day, over half of everything we do is post production. So there isn’t much we haven’t seen or experienced in that time. 

The setup of a high-end post house at almost freelance rates. Our post facilities are one of the hidden gems at Sandstorm.


Our lead colourist Ed has over a decade of experience grading TV ads, music videos and content for top brands. The Grading Suite is the premier facility for finishing at Sandstorm, with services including: grading, shot matching, image restoration, mastering, LUT creation and testing for shoots.


  • Fully colour balanced, air-conditioned room
  • Grade One monitoring (plus domestic screens for reference)
  • Custom-built desk and control surface
  • Grade while you shoot including LUT creation on shoots


The post production team at Sandstorm has over 30 years of industry experience between them and bring that depth of knowledge, creativity and technical expertise to every project. Our openplan Edit Suite offers a collaborative experience that you find in all top-end post houses.

With offline editing, VFX, 3D, online editing and versioning in one room. We provide a faster and more efficient way to deliver your productions.

  • The set up of a city post house at a fraction of the price
  • Assembly edits including on-set offline edits
  • VFX, 3D, online in one room
  • Full versioning capabilities including delivery
  • Shared media servers
  • Comprehensive back-up and redundancy protocol


      Our Dolby approved cinema sound mixing suite is built to the highest possible specification, allowing our audio engineers to create unique surround sound experiences for cinema, broadcast and online content.

      The mixing suite also features cinema projection and client seating, making it the perfect space to review your final masters too.

      • Dolby approved 5.1 & 7.1 cinema surround sound mixing
      • TV & Digital sound mixing to R128 and all other global standards
      • Cinema, TV & Digital sound design
      • Full audio versioning and recording for global creation and delivery


        We also have first class voice-over facilities with our dedicated sound booth situated just off of our mixing suite. We have client seating and two-way communication allowing for directed recording sessions both locally and remotely, and our cinema projector enables recording to picture and real time playback. 

        Frequently used for broadcast and cinema voice-over, ADR, radio link and podcasting.

          Voice-over to picture with incredible audio quality
        • ADR & Foley record and mix
        • Radio record and mix
        • Professionally sound-proofed and acoustically isolated
        • RT60 – 0.053 seconds (customisable to suit other requirements)​

          VIDEO ASSIST & DIT

          Being on set without Q Take and a good Video Assist is like working with an arm tied behind your back. We have the expertise and kit in-house to provide instant playback, overlay and different feeds to client and studio.

          Our in-house DITs bring the full expertise of post production onto set. Beyond making copies the rushes from the camera, they run diagnostics on all the data they process ensuring that media is cloned accurately. They also work alongside the DOP to apply on set LUTs and looks, ensuring the creative goals of a production are being achieved.

          • On set data wrangling
          • Encode proxy media to meet your spec
          • Colour management, adjustment and custom LUTs on-set
          • Fast and secure data management


            From green screen shoots to incorporating CGI and live action plates, our VFX supervisors are crucial to your production and have the expertise to troubleshoot any potential issues and achieve the best results. By investing in a VFX supervisor at the preproduction stage you save money and time by avoiding the dreaded ‘fix it in post’.

            Our VFX supervisors are also VFX experts and can run on-set tests to check the footage will composite correctly before moving on. This can avoid costly re-shoots and help keep the cameras rolling on set.

            • On set compositing & testing
            • Optimise footage for post production goals
            • Help the creative team achieve their vision
            • Avoid ‘fixing it in post’


              • Resolve
              • Adobe Creative Suite
              • Autodesk media and entertainment package
              • ProTools


              • Mac based network with shared servers and RAIDs
              • Calibrating Grade 1 OLED monitor (Flanders Scientific)
              • Direct iPad feed for consistency checks on the most common formats
              • Full FTP for upload and download
              • Asset management system and masters stored free of charge
              • Full data backup to LTO tape and off-site cloud storage


              • Viewing room
              • On-site barista service
              • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
              • Incredible wine list, craft ales on tap and the Casablanca Whisky collection.