Article first published by Little Black Book in July 2018.

Location shoot – Our Creative Director; Jason Dollery draws on his previous experience
client-side to put into context how important this subject is to all parties involved, from film-makers, creatives, to marketing and communication professionals.

Before finding my calling at Sandstorm, I managed the marketing and communications content and strategy for a product-based company, who operated in the Technology sector.

During this time I was often presented with a number of challenges on how and when I could create promotional content for new products. Location shoot this was because most, if not all of the new products were shrouded in secrecy, with short development and production timeframes. The result of these pressures was a narrow window in which the new product would be available for me to film, prior to its launch.

This limited product availability often meant compromises in the film would be made. In some cases the product would be delayed so we would have to film the talent on a separate day, which meant they couldn’t interact with the product, having a series of knock-on effects including last minute script alterations… or on occasion we had a day or two shooting on location, but this narrow window meant if the weather wasn’t right, we would have to reschedule. In retrospect if I had discussed my concerns more thoroughly with my agency prior to the project, we could have been resolved without risk to my schedule or budget.

These days at Sandstorm I see first-hand that narrow product availability is not unique to my own experiences or even to the technology sector. It affects all marketing departments in various ways.

Location shoot so with this in mind we have dedicated this Insight Film to shooting on location and working around the limitations of product availability.

Watch Managing Director, Tom Ward, on location as he explains the transferable techniques we use for our automotive clients. These techniques, and precise planning, ensure the creative vision is met on time and on budget, regardless of the product availability.

Written by Jason Dollery, Creative Director at Sandstorm for Little Black Book’s influencer series.

Jason joined Sandstorm in 2015 after a decade working client-side building and supporting global brands, he now uses his unqiue dual-sided insight to enhance our client’s TV commercials and branded content campaigns.

Email: jason.dollery@sandstormfilms.com

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