Established in Soho London in 2000, Sandstorm Films’ reputation for consistently delivering incredible high-end film and digital content for brands and their agencies is unparalleled. Whether you’re talking to Prospects, Customers or Stakeholders, we’ll help you shape your message to work across multiple platforms, channels and touchpoints. From feature films and storyled content to TV commercials, online media and even internal training films, you’re in exceptionally good company.

Sandstorm offer a complete end-to-end service from strategy through creative and production to delivery. Or, if you prefer, a flexible and bespoke resource to suit your specific needs. We own our own studios and kit and you’ll work directly with our dedicated full-time team.

Our unique set-up and multi-sector experience means we deliver high-end work at a quality, speed and price that generic production companies simply cannot match. Along the way, we’ve developed specific Content Production solutions that enhance your Marketing effectiveness and ROI. So at last your budgets can stretch to match your business goals.




Sandstorm manage and create content in partnership with some of the world’s biggest brands and it is all coordinated and executed from our custom-built central hub on the edge of the Cotswolds in the UK. We’re fully scalable and our offering includes:

  • The most comprehensive production facility for brands including studio production, location production, asset management and delivery
  • End-to-end creation of moving and still image
  • Strategy & management of campaigns, creative teams and media assets
  • An on-site experience like no other with Director Club our creative space on site where you can work, socialise and relax.
  • Asset mangement, global delivery and full in-house versioning facilities


Beyond our cutting edge media facility there are some (very) nice to haves, including:

  • Barista Coffee Shop
  • Bar
  • Lounges
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Massage Therapy
  • Sauna
  • Outdoor Seating


Airwick – The Toilet Lottery

Saving hassle and money

Not only did we work with a cow, the brief was to deliver three ads within a tight budget, this ad alone would normally be a massive hassle for an agency and a production company, but the agency were clear with what they wanted and communicated clearly with us, we fixed every problem or issue you’d normally experience, gave them the Director they wanted, the ad they wanted at the budget the brand had available (around 35% lower than normal) . Fully end to end at our facility.

Trench – Tribe

Working with your in-house team

Trench are led by a very creative owner who has strong ideas about how a concept should play out – this is music to our ears! A clear brief will always result in a fantastic project with excellent outcomes.


Remove the hassle and the middle-men

Taking the most iconic TV commercial ever made and simply adding a new end-frame sounds easy enough and for Sandstorm it is. With savings of over 50% on production and a nice creative twist from the Sandstorm team we provided an elegant endboard to a classic commercial. Most importantly Sandstorm worked with RSA Films, Ridley Scott, Hovis and their cost consultant company harmoniously.

Adidas Superstar

The Art of Versioning

Once the dust has settled and the production is delivered the versioning can often be an afterthought. However, when you invest heavily in a campaign you don’t want to have your beautiful films clumsily translated, subtitled, cropped or re-edited. Versioning is an art that involves precision, quality and absolute mastery of post production. Sandstorm has the unique advantage of not just a world class post production team but a world class production crew, meaning that if you need to shoot new footage to match your campaign we can do so cost efficiently saving you both money and time.

Coors Light – Coldest of All Time

Working with your Agency

When we received the beautiful concept from the agency a post production house had already been rostered and a director selected. Sandstorm filled in all the gaps to help them deliver a large set of social films.

Doublebase Commercial

Complete solution

The concept for this campaign was exceptionally specific and required a lot of pre-production testing and modification to ensure the brand was completely happy before production began. The result was a beautiful end to end production that fully delivered their complex brief.

Lego Sonic The Hedgehog: Gamer Through the Years

Helping your existing production company

Sandstorm acted as a service company, working with the production company to provide the crew, kit and set build. As the only production facility in the UK with the TechnoDolly rig, we were able to facilitate the creative of having the film play out in first person.

Menestrello – French 75

Maximising ROI

Working with the brand marketing team, we shot on location with the world’s best equipment and our incredible team No external crew needed. Five films delivered with multiple cutdowns. 20 photographs. One day! Full post.

Microsoft Surface – Age of Empires IV

Short turnaround

We’ve worked with Microsoft’s in-house team for a number of years. This production was based on a concept we had delivered before yet even so the deadline was exceptionally tight. End to end production from shoot to delivery in 2 days. Thanks to the incredible efforts of our team it was delivered on time and completely pain free for the brand.

WorldFirst – Euro 2020

Affordable advertising

This idea was re-worked a number of times before we shot. The original plan to project Unreal Engine environments live fell through as backgrounds were still undecided by the production stage, so we shot with greenscreen and completed all visuals in post. We shot everything on our Alexa cinema cameras and the world-famous Phantom Flex slow motion camera for a bit of extra drama at little extra cost. Thanks to filming with our TechnoDolly we had all the camera move data ready to create CGI virtual environments.

Jack1t – Autumn/Winter 2021

Virtual live event

The brief was simple: the best catwalk show – virtually. We used our unreal engine LED screen setup and built a catwalk through the middle. As this was an end to end production we negotiated a music licence with drum and bass legends Calyx and TeeBee, produced all the media for the screens and provided all the kit, crew and post production.


Veet Head to Toe

Collaboration is key

Sandstorm put the finishing touches to this ad that was shot in Eastern Europe by agency BETC in Paris. The commercial was commissioned by a UK client so it made sense that they finish the film in the UK too. They came to us to bring an efficient and affordable UK finish to the ads voice overs and sound mix. This is part of the Sandstorm Experience.


St Marc – Television Commercial

International Collaboration

Part of a three ad bundle, we worked with an international director that had been pre-selected by the brand and agency. Sandstorm serviced the job, providing lovely sets, cast, full crew and kit.

Dyson Dust Matters

30% savings, 30% time saving

Working directly with Dyson’s team in China, Sandstorm created animatics and fine tuned the whole creative before production began so that by the time the China team arrived in the UK every shot was locked, prepped and ready to roll. Preparation is key, saving time and money from conception through to delivery. This is why end to end productions like this exemplify the Sandstorm experience.

Milk & More – Good Morning Idents

Working together

We produced this set of idents for Milk & More’s sponsorship of ITV’s Good Morning utilising our own Studio 3 as the location. This was a fluid idea where the client and the agency were open to a fully collaborative concept and delivery to meet their budget. The agency came up with the ideas and then we modified them to ensure the budget was met.


Ramsbury – The most professional yet relaxed shoot I’ve been on. Being on set as a client can sometimes feel slightly awkward, not so with Sandstorm.
Felt like part of the process, listened to and valued which was fantastic. Most importantly the results are epic.


Tech21 – I’ve used Sandstorm several times and they never fail to impress. What makes them great is not only their planning and attention to detail; but it’s also their ability to bring concepts to life quickly and efficiently.


National Trust – I’ve worked with Sandstorm and known the team for many years. They’re a friendly, dynamic and professional team, who are a pleasure to work with. They’ve got all the best kit, and all the best know-how.


RAM Records – Sandstorm are an amazing team of immensely talented people. In 20 years of working with countless film crews, creatives, directors and producers, I’ve never worked with a more dedicated and professional group. They always go beyond the extra mile – pushing themselves to make every project be as visually and conceptually great as possible! The facilities and kit are obviously top-of-the-line & impressive, but it’s the people, their personalities and an insatiable work-ethic that makes Sandstorm the best team I’ve ever worked with.


Nationwide – The guys at Sandstorm really bring to life and improve on concepts, script and visual delivery. On a recent project there were times when suggestions were made by the business which would have given the film a far more corporate feel and when these were discussed with Sandstorm it gave me the confidence and argument to push back on the requests and keep the open, honest feeling instead of going down an overly corporate route, which would not have sat as well with the target audience.


BP – The team are professional and efficient as well as being a pleasure to work with. Our requirements changed through the process and they adapted quickly and produced high quality results. They may not be the cheapest agency I have used, but the results certainly justify the cost.


TRESemmé – Sandstorm add value to the creative process and work in the true spirit of partnership with our other agencies


Intel – I’ve worked with Tom and the team for a few years now and couldn’t recommend them highly enough. They produce fantastic quality films. Give them a challenge and a decent brief and they’ll give it their all for an amazing film that everyone involved will be proud of.


Budweiser / AB InBev – Sandstorm are always incredibly supportive. We really enjoy working with the whole team.



With 18 full-time team members, 100 collaborators and a business that’s been in operation for 22 years, you’re in very safe hands.
This is some of the core team that you’ll be working with:


Head of Production

18 years with Sandstorm both in a full-time and freelance capacity, Mark has an in-depth knowledge of production, post production and CGI. He has a proven track record for delivering consistently above and beyond expectations.


Head of Bookings

9 years with Sandstorm full time, she was a freelance producer before she joined. Jen pins all aspects of Sandstorm’s offer together for you, from the first quote through to delivery, she’s an essential point of contact.


Creative / Editor / Colourist

The unsung hero of Sandstorm, Ed is our most senior creative, his concepts and insight are unparalleled and his hands-on approach to client attended edits and colour grading are one of the essential weapons that set Sandstorm apart from our competitors.


Managing Director

Founded Sandstorm in 2000 in Soho Square, Tom consistently proves that with the right attitude, the right idea and the right team; film production can be simple, beautiful and affordable. Unlike most start-ups, he’s proven this consistently for over 20 years.